Oberlin Blogs

Cyg Freas ’25

Hi! My name is Cyg and I’m from Northport, New York. Or, for those of you less familiar with New York outside of the city—Long Island. I grew up surrounded by salt water, so it’s weird being land-locked, even with Lake Erie so close by! I miss the harbor a little, but the nature in Oberlin makes up for it. I wanted to go to college somewhere with an abundance of trees, because to me that feels like home, and I got my wish. Plus, the red squirrels are very cute. 

I spend most of my free time in my room (because that’s where all my snacks are), reading, writing, and watching either cartoons or YouTube video essays. Pretty much anything involving storytelling is fun for me—I love to sing, mostly opera and the occasional musical theater piece, and I’m involved with student theater here at Oberlin. I also draw (I think I’m solidly okay) and play D&D (less than I would like). My other favorite activity is cuddling with my cat, who is tragically still in New York. She’s my best friend and I miss her so much.

I’m a prospective creative writing major hoping to double with something else, probably classics or anthropology. I’m very interested in interdisciplinary learning, because I feel that all my most creative ideas come at the intersection of knowledge areas. Even though I am solidly an arts-oriented person, I’ll read about anything, especially science and history. I want to explore that theme of interconnectivity in my blog posts, so I hope you enjoy!