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August 27, 2009

Alice Ollstein ’10

Now that I'm back at Oberlin, moving into my house, seeing freshman doppelgangers of all my senior friends, trying to get my life in order, I've observed many small changes in the campus and community.

The Good

Azariah's, built since I started here: A café inside the library! What brilliance! What genius! No longer do students have to leave the building to get their caffeine/sugar fix. It also has a fun magazine display and comfy chairs, and provides a rowdier and more social study environment than the quiet library. See and be seen at the Az.

Beethoven's Bagels, new this year: It was really just ridiculous that a school with so many New Yorkers and so many Jews didn't have a decent bagel place until now, but this little family-owned joint is making up for lost time with their cheap, delicious shmear-bagel combos and other treats (homemade custard!). For you freshies, it's at 133 S. Main. For the seasoned Obies, it's by the Mickey Mart and Full Circle Fuels.

The Bad

DeCafe Hours: I remember the days of yore when DeCafe was open until 1 a.m., and did a rousing late night business. Back when I still ate in the dining hall and had "flex points" I could spend at Decafe, I would always get coffee, candy, pita chips and sandwiches late at night. Because of the recession, CDS had to reduce its budget, and decided to close at 8:30 p.m. instead, much to the disgruntlement (is that a word) of many students. As a result, I'll probably lose weight and save money, but it makes late night dining options in Oberlin that much fewer. Thank god

DeCafe salads: Twas only last year that the Decafe salads were the best bang for your buck around, because the servers would cram those little plastic containers to the bursting point with fresh greens and toppings. No longer! Probably another victim of budget problems, but now you get what can only be described as a stingy salad. Still delicious, only much smaller for the same price.

Of course, some things never change. Freshmen still roam the campus in huge clusters. Parents still embarrass their children on tours. Oberlin is still the happiest place on earth.

Wow...I just realized that all of my "changes" are related to food. Readers, please add some changes you've noticed, edible or otherwise.

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