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Black River X 2

May 10, 2009

Yitka Winn ’09

I know I've already devoted a lot of blog space here to the beauty of the surrounding area in northeast Ohio, but I couldn't help share a couple photographic gems from my Sunday afternoon.

After a hearty breakfast this morning at Black River Cafe (yum raspberry chocolate chip pancakes) with Aseem, I decided to do something I've never done before - attempt to bike from Oberlin to the mall in Elyria. (To say hi to my co-workers up there, get a bike tune-up and, I suppose, just have a Sunday adventure!)

The ride, remarkably, was both easier and simpler than I thought. The bike trail goes almost all the way, then just a couple more miles through the southside of town and you're there. Granted, it's about 20 miles roundtrip, so certainly a bit of a trek, but doable if you've got some wheels and a couple hours - especially in 65-degree sunshine. I've got rosy cheeks to show for it today. +There's an ice cream stand along the way. Just sayin'.

I let myself get sidetracked on my ride home, stopping to bike along the Black River in Cascade Park, which, according to Wikipedia, "is located in a ravine carved by the same glaciers that created the Great Lakes." I hiked out to this stunning view pictured below. I'll avoid rambling on any more than I already have about the joys of Lorain County's great outdoors, but really, Ohio: Nice, very nice.

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