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Asian Pop Night, etc.

April 10, 2010

Zoe McLaughlin ’11

Thursday night, as with every Thursday, there was a CSA meeting. Two prospies came, so we all went around and said our names and our favorite vegetables. Some of the choices seemed pretty fishy to me, especially strawberries and steak, but I judged that it was not my place to comment.

We eventually moved on from that, though, and started talking about the event we're holding next week. We're having an Asian pop night at the 'Sco on Friday. It's going to be mainly Cpop, for obvious reasons, but at last count most of the requests on the Facebook event were for Jpop songs. I guess we'll figure something out.

We talked about whether or not we should have karaoke (no, the machines are too expensive) and whether or not we would have a dance-off (maybe, if the crowds--we hope there will be crowds--need livening up). I pointed out that no one in CSA is going to go out there and start any sort of dance-off, but that bit of sanity seemed to fall on deaf ears. We'll see what happens.

We also talked about bubble tea. We have bubble tea at a lot of our events, mainly because it's popular. It's also always a huge production, which is one little-known fact of bubble tea. This little-known fact means that we always have to talk about how we're going to make it in great detail. I honestly lost the thread of the conversation halfway through, once we started talking about using hot water to make iced tea. Apparently the hot water makes the mix dissolve nicely. I'd be worried about the mix crashing back out of solution when it's cooled, but I'm told this doesn't actually happen.

Then we talked about even more important matters: going to Cleveland to, among other things, get a hot pot for future CSA events. Mainly, I'm just excited to go to Cleveland, because that means I can buy things like Korean ramen noodles and dried mango.

So that's the plan for this weekend and next, along with Oberlin College Arts and Sciences Orchestra (I still think the name is unwieldy) rehearsals and all the homework that I have to do.

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