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Agonizing over organizing

May 7, 2012

Chinwe Okona ’13

So I took two hours and decided to take all my scraps of paper and notes from all over my computer, and compiled the whirlwind that will be my life for the two weeks. Finals are imminent:

May 8th:
Neuroanatomy paper, due 5:00 pm
I'm writing an eight page paper about the impact of the anterior cingulate cortex on mood disorders. It's super interesting. So interesting that I'm writing a blog entry about it, rather than working on it, because it's due tomorrow and I'm only five pages in.

May 10th:
Spanish oral presentation
The last group project I have to present this semester. I presented one last week in my sociology class, and two weeks ago in neuroanatomy. So I'm pretty much over group projects...which is why we haven't started yet.

May 15th:
Sociology book review due
My last book review of the semester. And only five pages long! Not a huge mountain, BUT I have to read the book first. Have I started? Nope.

Bioorganic Chemistry final exam, 2:00 pm
The culmination of my entire, final semester of chemistry. When I say culmination, I mean it's going to be painfully cumulative. Painfully. I should have started studying for this test...at the beginning of the semester.

Spanish final paper, due 9:00 pm
One thousand words, about ANYTHING I could EVER want to write about. The possibilities? Endless. The only stipulation? Conjugation.

May 17th:
Sociology final exam, 9:00 am
The hardest part of this exam will be waking up on time.

Neuroanatomy final exam, 2:00 pm
Part of this is going to mimic all of our other exams, and part is going to be open-book and cumulative. So overall it's going to be hella hard. This needs to not happen to me before this test.

May 18th:
Sociology group report, due 4:30 pm
I think I said we gave an oral presentation last week. Now we have to write a formal report. I'M SO OVER GROUP PROJECTS. But it's going to be fine. Google Docs is such a gem.

and then I'm done.

Responses to this Entry

Thanks for this,Chinwe.Finals are depressing,but things like this blog interrupt the gloominess with a little bit of sunshine. I always feel that at this point in the semester my motivation to carry on doing work and readings and problem sets conscientiously wanes significantly, yet that is the point when the best of our efforts are required.Procrastination paralyses at the most inopportune moments. And this good weather does nothing to encourage a work ethic. Why is life arranged in this extremely inconvenient manner?

I love that you wittled down the immensity of the task ahead into concise little chunks to be tackled one by one. It makes everything appear so much more approachable and doable-ish.

I'm going to try that.

Posted by: Simba on May 7, 2012 1:16 AM

Oh man I could write a post exactly like this. I can't even believe I still have classes to go to this week, I feel so done.
Best of luck to all of us!

Posted by: Ida on May 7, 2012 9:30 AM

It's good to know that I'm not the only one with way too much stuff to do and seemingly not enough time (mostly due to the procrastination that has somehow captured me) or energy to do it. Good luck everyone!

Posted by: Emily on May 7, 2012 4:21 PM

Hi, I'm going to be attending Oberlin in the fall and I think I want to major in neuroscience, but I have a few (okay, tons) of questions. First of all, do I need to be sure? Looking at the course requirements looks a lot more intimidating than some of the other majors. How did you manage to fit all of them into four years? It'd be great to see how you mapped out your major, considering you also initially were planning to go to med school. Please e-mail me when you have the time, and hopefully we can have some conversation. Also, I live in Oberlin, so optimally I'd be able to meet if that'd be easier, but for me personally I get all my thoughts out better through e-mail/online.


Posted by: Avalon on May 10, 2012 1:11 PM

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