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An Agave Appreciation Post

April 5, 2018

Jason Hewitt ’20

Before I make my case, I would like to say that Agave did not compensate me for this post in any way. This is one-hundred percent my OWN opinion. Got it? Great. Let's get to it.

I don’t understand why so many Oberlin students hate on Agave so much.

"Ew, Agave is not authentic enough for me! OMG, they don't have any good options! Blah, blah, blah..." It’s ridiculous to me. This restaurant does not get the credit it deserves, plain and simple. In other words, Agave is slept on. While hundreds if not thousands of Obies and other civilians in town have eaten and enjoyed the food at Agave, there are many that do not like Agave. It's blasphemy, straight up blasphemy. Agave has cheap Mexican food that tastes pretty delicious if you get the right meals. That's right. You have to get the right meal for your taste buds. I refer to it as the “Great Value Chipotle.” Is it as good as Chipotle? Ehhhh… all right, that would be quite a stretch. Agave is pretty good, but Chipotle can change your life! Unfortunately, you won't be able to go to Chipotle while you are on campus unless you or a friend has a car... then the game has changed a bit. Even if you or a friend has a car, is the drive going to be worth the extra time and energy? If your answer is yes, then enjoy your Chipotle burrito. If your answer is no, you are in luck! You have Agave, which is widely beloved in Oberlin. I believe you will probably enjoy the food there. However, it receives way too little credit from people on campus. Because of this, I have decided to come up with an "Agave appreciation post."

Let’s talk about the availability, though!

The restaurant is dependable; that’s plain and simple. Any time you need to get a quick bite or a large meal, Agave has your back. On a scale from one to ten, its availability is a nine. It's not a ten, because it isn't open for twenty-four hours. I MAY be nitpicking here. However, it's still open for a very long time. It opens at 11:30 A.M. every day and closes at 1:30 A.M. on weekdays and 2:30 A.M. on weekends. Just think about it! We’re college students, so partying is definitely a thing to do around here. What happens after we finish dancing hard and enjoying each other? After the lit festivities, we get hungry! Unfortunately, most of the restaurants in Oberlin are closed late. When I say "late," I'm talking about any time after 11:30 P.M. There are so many people who have late night cravings on this campus. Who's going to be there for them? Agave!  Now, here’s the thing. There's this one pizza place on the far south side of campus. You might have heard of it. Okay, let me stop being vague. It's Domino's Pizza. The thing about Domino’s is that while it may also be open late, it’s also a little more expensive to get a pizza than many of Agave’s options. No disrespect to Domino's, though. The folks over there are pretty clutch when they need to be. However, they just don't get their food to hit the spot at a cheaper price like the folks at Agave do!

Unfortunately, many people don’t agree with my position. They say Agave isn’t authentic enough for their taste buds.

While authenticity is important, it's important to see another point many Agave "haters" fail to point out. My counterargument is the fact that there are SO many restaurants that are celebrated for having the exact same style as Agave. Think of all the restaurants that have it. You have places like Chipotle, Moe's, and even *gulps* Taco Bell who receive a lot of praise and appreciation while Agave receives hate. People show LOVE to those places. It’s very rare for me to hear complaints being thrown at those establishments. (Okay, I GUESS Taco Bell is the only exception...) None of those restaurants have truly “authentic” Mexican food. They sell the basic nachos, burritos, and quesadillas just like Agave does. Agave gets trash talked for the same thing, though! Why don't those restaurants receive the same harsh treatment? I don't get it. Also, let's keep it real for a second. We are in Ohio, which isn't exactly the ideal place to get good Mexican food. That's what originally turned me off from the place. Yes, I used to be a hater! Allow me to explain, though. I have lived in Texas for about five years now. I have been spoiled with many phenomenal Mexican meals at my friends' houses and restaurants there... When I first went to Agave, I was a little skeptical. "A Mexican restaurant in Ohio that isn't a chain? That's going to be a no from me," I thought. Then I finally tried something there. I'll never forget it. I got the large super nachos, and sheesh, it was pretty good. I was impressed by Agave, and I've had some really good Mexican food over the years. 

Why should you eat at Agave? Because it’s basically part of the culture here at Oberlin.

I try to refrain from using the word “everybody” since it’s such a generalizing term, but everybody I have met on this campus has tried Agave at least once. Sure, many of them might not like the food, but the fact is that they’ve tried it at LEAST once. It’s certainly a topic of conversation here. Then, its location is very noticeable in downtown Oberlin. I mean, you can't miss it. Its yellow sign has been seen by thousands of eyes from all over the world. Agave is even brought up during class lectures. I've had professors mention the place multiple times. Its recognition is undeniable here at Oberlin. Sure, Agave might not get the credit it deserves, but it is safe to say that it does have plenty of customers waiting to order every time I pay a visit. It may be slept on by many Obies, but I don’t think it will be going away any time soon. It’s here to stay, so why not give it a chance when you are on campus? Anyways, I have to go. I have a half nacho order with the chips on the side waiting for me. P.S. it's only six dollars!

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