Pre-Medicine and Health Careers

Careers in Healthcare Series

In spring 2022, Paul Kamitsuka, MD, (P ’11) led a series of virtual panel conversations with healthcare providers working in different specialties within the medical field.

The panelists discussed opportunities and challenges within their branch of healthcare, gave a sense of their day-to-day work, touched on the major issues in the field, and shared what they love most about their work. Current and admitted students at all stages in their exploration or pursuit of a healthcare career were able to benefit from this opportunity to hear from established practitioners.


Primary Care Internal Medicine, Specialist in Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology, and on being an Advanced Care Practitioner

  • Paul Kamitsuka, MD (P ’11), DTM&H (Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and Hospital Epidemiology)
  • Emily Murtha, FNP (Internal Medicine)

Obstetrics/Gynecology, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics

  • Sandra Hall, MD (OB/Gyn)
  • Lakeshia Jarrett, MD (Family Medicine)
  • Rachel Stewart, MD (Pediatrics)

Global Health

  • James Maguire, MD (Global Health)


  • Sarah Fox, MD (General Surgery)
  • Danny Barzana, DO (Vascular Surgery)
  • Claude Jarrett, MD (Orthopedic Surgery)

Medicine for Addiction and Unhoused Populations

  • Sara Axelrath, MD (Addiction Medicine)
  • James O’Connell, MD (Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program)

Careers with social impact: improving lives, removing barriers, and shifting the paradigm towards a better world!


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