Latin American Studies

Latinx Heritage House

Latinx Heritage House (LHH), officially known as Zechiel House, is an identity-based residence hall closely associated with the Latin American Studies Program.

Latinx Heritage House is a designated living and learning space that prioritizes the historical and contemporary experiences of Latinx/o/a people.

The house is a communal space for residents to foster new relationships at Oberlin College by developing stronger peer support networks, thus contributing to a positive, inclusive, and intimate living environment.

Latinx Heritage House is open to people that are interested in discussing, engaging, and mobilizing for the growth and development of Latinx/o/as and encourages applications from historically disenfranchised student communities (i.e. first-generation, low-income college, non-binary/gender nonconforming, persons of color, queer, trans, and undocumented students).

How is Latinx Heritage House different from other spaces?

Latinx Heritage House is an identity-based residence hall where residents embrace the cultural and linguistic diversity of Latinx people across the hemisphere. Residents of Latinx Heritage House have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, including celebrations of cultural traditions; culinary and social events; and critical discussions that connect global Latinx history and politics with issues important to Oberlin’s Latinx community. Latinx Heritage House also organizes and hosts events in close collaboration with the Latin American Studies Program, as well as the student organizations La Alianza Latinx and the Afro-Latin/CaribenX Student Association.

Who else lives at LHH?

Each year, about forty students live in the residence hall. Two Resident Assistants support student residents, coordinate activities, and manage the space. This community, though small, is united through their passion about creating a safe space for the Latinx community.

If you are interested in applying to LHH, you must complete an application available through the Office of Residential Education.

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