Comparative Literature

Student Projects

Students who wish to be considered for the Honors Program should apply by their junior year.

Admission to the Honors Program is granted on the basis of the GPA in the college and the major, faculty recommendations, and a written proposal. The honors project will be for two courses during the two semesters of the senior year, normally under the supervision of two faculty members from different departments. Interested majors should consult the director. Check with our office on the specific dates and deadlines.

Recent Honor Students


  • Lydia Finkel
  • Sophia Zandi


  • Emma Doyle


  • Leah Barber
  • Andres Gonzalez
  • Melissa Karp
  • Alessandro Mondelli
  • Celestina Wright


  • Christine Jay
  • Daniel West
  • Sean Lambert


  • Flora Hollifield
  • Alisa Yamasaki


Reading Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus in a postmodern light, this paper seeks to compare his illusive thought to the actions and reactions to Postmodernity in Hopscotch by Julio Cortázar, Fin de Partie by Samuel Beckett, and AVA by Carole Maso.

A partial translation of the modern Spanish-language novel Capital Sur by journalist Eduardo del Campo, analyzing the cultural implications therein along the way.

A comparative close reading of Puccini’s La Bohème, creating alternative readings through exploring the opera’s hidden meanings, resistance to genre conventions, and innovations.