Andrew Oni

  • Executive Director of Student Safety and Wellbeing


Andrew Oni brings 18 years of experience across higher education, community health outreach/education, and healthcare to Oberlin College. 

Andrew began his career in higher education as student advisor to incoming students. In this role, he provided support to freshmen regarding adjustment to college life, connecting old, new, and transfer students to campus resources. 

Subsequently, he worked with a non-government organization in collaboration with the mayor’s office, in Elmsford, New York to support and connect families with resources. During this period, he provided support to ‘at-risk’ students with dropouts, by identifying needs and linking students and their families with resources. As part of his role, Andrew collaborated with local law enforcement agencies to create community services in lieu of incarceration. 

After working for about a decade in this role, Andrew moved to healthcare where he worked as Program Manager for Garnet Health in Middletown, New York. During this period, he was responsible for identifying, creating, and executing health education programs as well as prevention programs in mental health and substance use, especially opioids. To do this, Andrew collaborated with Orange and Sullivan counties of New York and partnered with other strategic healthcare providers in executing programs. He also worked with several departments within Garnet Health: Behavioral Health, Emergency Department, and other relevant departments to connect patients with agencies for continuity of care to reduce readmission rates. 

Most recently, Andrew comes to Oberlin College from Mercy Health Lorain. At Mercy health Lorain he was responsible for providing support to physicians and providers by creating networks of relationships. In this role, he was also responsible for ensuring smooth referral process among providers.

Andrew earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, a master’s degree in counseling and psychology and a PhD in higher education leadership, management, and policy. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys listening to good music, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.