National Renewable Energy Lab

Monitoring System

The National Renewable Energy Lab collaborated with Professor John Petersen and students to develop a system that monitors energy use and other key environmental variables throughout the building and landscape.

Over 150 sensors monitor everything from energy consumption and production to water flow through the living machine. For more information on this system, see Data Acquisition, Analysis & Display.

See also:

Energy Performance Evaluation of an Educational Facility: The Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio 
S.D. Pless and P.A. Torcellini

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Indoor Air Quality

The National Institute of Standards and Technology  (NIST) used the AJLC as a test-bed for new methods of measuring and modelling ventilation and indoor air quality. This research advanced knowledge about how alternative “green” design strategies can be better employed in new building ventilation systems.

NIST conducted indoor air quality monitoring research on the center between March 2000 and June 2001. The three primary objectives of this study were:

  • to develop and refine measurement methods for evaluating indoor air quality and ventilation in buildings
  • to evaluate indoor air quality design approaches
  • to evaluate and demonstrate the use of a computational modeling tool, CONTAM, for indoor air quality design