Office of Advancement

Matching Gifts

Your gift to Oberlin College might be worth more than face value. Taking advantage of company-sponsored matching gift programs can mean that the impact of your gift will be greatly increased, perhaps even doubled. Though matching gift policies vary by company, many employers will match gifts at a 1:1 ratio (up to a specified dollar amount), and may even match gifts made by retired employees.

Does your employer match charitable contributions?

Your employer may match charitable contributions made to educational institutions. Enter your employer’s name to search a comprehensive database of companies that have matching gift policies:

If your company does not appear through this search engine, especially if you work for a smaller company, you may want to contact your human resources department to obtain a copy of any matching gift policy.

Take the Next Step

If you have any questions about matching gifts, contact the Oberlin Annual Fund at  or call (800) 693-3167 .