Office of Advancement

Darielle Kennedy

Bachelor of Arts and Science, 2022

Darielle KennedyMajor: Comparative American Studies with a concentration in identity and diversity

Minor: Law and Society

Major Oberlin Activities: Posse Scholar 2018-Present; Oberlin College Research Fellowship 2020-2022; President of Student Senate 2021-2022; Racial Equity Liaison 2020-202; Peer Supporter 2019-2020

Since the beginning of my collegiate career, I have made it my mission to create a community on Oberlin’s campus that embraces, uplifts, and protects equity, diversity, and inclusion through my many positions as a Posse Scholar, Peer Supporter, Racial Equity Liaison, and President of the Student Senate. As a trustee, I plan to continue to be in service to the Oberlin community while acknowledging how identity impacts how each student experiences life at Oberlin College. Moreover, I will emphasize that to serve the Oberlin community and elevate the institution, I plan on listening more than I talk. Therefore, I will call on the advice of current and former students. Hence, by calling upon these community members and working with the Board of Trustees, I intend to create a space that values humanity in Oberlin and beyond.