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To our prospective students and families:

We understand how important the college search is to you. We love introducing Oberlin to future Obies and for many families that means visiting our campus. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the emphasis on the safety of our community, we have suspended all admission-related campus visits and admitted student events until May 1. This includes daily campus tours, information sessions, and any event for admitted students.

Lessons with Faculty

Close mentoring relationships are a cornerstone of our conservatory experience. We encourage you to contact a professor or faculty member in your area of interest to schedule a lesson or a meeting. Search individual biographies on the conservatory faculty and staff list and contact the faculty member directly by e-mail.

Please note: During academic breaks, regular classes are not in session and many professors may be off campus.

Rehearsals, Classes, and Studio Classes

Each semester, we update the recommended rehearsal and class schedule (pdf), or you can view the complete list of available classes.

Review the schedule in advance to help you determine when you’d like to visit and what rehearsal you might attend. Prospective students have found rehearsal and classroom visits are valuable because they provide a real sense for the musical and intellectual life of the school.

While these can be stimulating and valuable experiences, it is important to recognize that no single rehearsal or class is representative of the conservatory. If time allows, we suggest that you visit several rehearsals and or classes to discover the range of musical genres, teaching styles, and class formats that exist here.

Classes generally last for 50 minutes, although some are longer (60-75 minutes). Please check with the Office of Conservatory Admissions (conservatory.admissions@oberlin.edu) if you have questions.

Guidelines for Rehearsals and Classroom Visits

  • Due to our small class sizes and the expected number of visitors, we ask that only prospective students attend classes.
  • Arrive at the rehearsal or classroom at least 10-15 minutes before start time
  • Introduce yourself to the professor and request permission to observe the class if prior arrangements weren’t made
  • If time permits before the rehearsal begins, meet other students and discuss the class
  • Stay for the duration or until a rehearsal break
  • If you are late, do not enter the classroom or rehearsal space once it has begun.
  • Some classes may not be able to accommodate visitors. Be prepared with another class option.

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