Oberlin College provides students with a strong foundation in the sciences and liberal arts, academic backgrounds that are especially helpful for those pursuing a career in medicine.

Historically, Oberlin graduates have been extremely successful in applying to medical schools. Students who work closely with the premedical program director are even more successful. This is because students are informed about what they need to do, how to best present themselves, and what steps are required during the application process.

Students and alumni are encouraged to contact the premedical program director or one of our medical school contacts for guidance in applying to medical schools, as well as programs in allied health fields.

You also can consider your options for medical school and allied health programs through the Career Development Center. Attain information about undergraduate course requirements, programs, the application process, and more.

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Medical School FAQs

Dr. Justin Crowley is the premedical program director for Oberlin College. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Crowley, use the online appointment scheduler in AdviseStream. On the link below, click the blue start button in the upper right hand corner and then sign in to AdviseStream. Next, go to the connect menu and select schedule appointment. You may then search for an availablabe appointment with Crowley, Justin.

Schedule an appointment with premedical program director

Oberlin alumni may contact Dr. Crowley to discuss any aspect of applying to medical school and or allied health programs.

Justin Crowley, Ph.D.
Pre-Med Program Director
Science Center, K102
119 Woodland St.
Oberlin, OH  44074

Faculty Advisors/Health Career Committee

Students on campus may also meet with the following faculty advisors: