Veronica Padilla Vriesman


  • Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Areas of Study


  • PhD, UC Davis
  • BA, Colgate University


Veronica Padilla Vriesman is a marine scientist and paleontologist with broad interests in coastal invertebrate taxa and climate change. She is especially interested in environmental impacts on bivalve biomineralization, and the ways in which molluscan shells record and respond to environmental variability over seasonal to millennial scales. Vriesman uses high-resolution imaging techniques and geochemical tools to examine shell growth features in culturally and ecologically significant marine mollusc species, such as edible mussels and clams. Her research evaluates their responses to ocean warming and acidification in both the past and present.

Please visit Vriesman’s personal website to learn more about research and courses.

  • Marine invertebrate paleontology
  • Climate change

Spring 2023

Evolution of the Earth — GEOS 204
Geosciences Practicum — GEOS 599F
Geosciences Practicum — GEOS 599H

Fall 2023

Lessons from Life History — GEOS 130
Geosciences Practicum — GEOS 599F
Geosciences Practicum — GEOS 599H