Oberlin Blogs

Theo Canter ’23

Hey there, I’m Theo! I’m originally from the Upper West Side in New York City, and now my family lives in a little town in Vermont. So I’m both the city mouse and country mouse. Before I started in Oberlin, I spent a gap year living in Jerusalem and studying history and languages. 

I’m most likely majoring in cinema and history, although my interests vary widely, pretty much anything outside hard sciences, and I love picking up new ones, too. I like to say I came to Oberlin because of how many of my favorite podcasters went here, although I love music, too. You can usually find me riding my bike while listening to some strange international jazz-funk fusion.

Right now on campus I’m the RA in Johnson (Hebrew Heritage) House, am on the board of the Chabad Student Group, play saxophone in the marching band, and am especially passionate about WOBC. Last year I hosted Oud Morning with music from the Balkans and the Middle East. This year I host Mazel Tov Cocktail, where I focus more on Jewish music. (I’m also hoping when OSCA (co-ops) start up again, to reclaim my throne as bread and granola maker.)

On an average day, you can catch me journaling on the porch swing, exploring the Arb, playing guitar on the lawn, or going down a random research rabbit hole of some old book. A fun fact is that I speak around six languages—enough to chit chat and sing a song and that I have a strange habit of accidentally appearing in foreign political media.

If you run into me and want to say hi, I’m happy to talk anytime! Hope you enjoy getting a slice of my unique thoughts. Peace and blessings.