large open classroom setting with professor working with 5 students.
Students taking courses in StudiOC have discussions and do coursework in a modern and spacious learning environment.
Photo credit: Brad Feinknopf

Oberlin Center for Convergence (StudiOC)

Oberlin Center for Convergence (StudiOC) brings together the college and conservatory to address the complex, seemingly intractable challenges of our era. StudiOC theme-based learning communities are multidisciplinary, which allows students to make connections across disciplines and develop meaningful interactions with their peers and with faculty.

StudiOC is both a modern and flexible educational space and a new method for faculty to pursue multidisciplinary collaboration. StudiOC is designed to refine the art of creative and integrative multidisciplinary inquiry in students as a means for them to interpret and address social, cultural, artistic, political, and scientific questions.

Learning communities provide two or three courses from different academic departments. Faculty and students within a learning community work together at key points throughout the semester for multidisciplinary discussion, shared assignments, and programming.

2024-2025 Learning Communities

StudiOC learning communities are available to first-year and current students.

Modern classroom

StudiOC Facilities

StudiOC learning communities typically meet in a modern, flexible, and active learning space that features large picture windows, ample classroom space, and a common area. It is part of the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center. Classes may meet remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fourteen faculty and staff members comprise the StudiOC Planning Committee. The group reviews and approves applications for course clusters as proposed by faculty from the college and conservatory. Faculty and other administrators have access to a conference room to review proposals, curriculum, and other related projects.

Empty classroom in StudiOC.
Conference room and classroom in StudiOC
Photo credit: Tanya Rosen-Jones '97