Sara Verosky

  • Associate Professor of Psychology

Areas of Study


  • BA, Cornell University, 2004
  • PhD, Princeton University, 2012


I am a social neuroscientist, with research interests in cognitive and social psychology. My research investigates how we combine visual knowledge with more abstract cognitive knowledge in order to represent other people.  In particular, many of the projects in my lab focus on how cognitive person knowledge shapes face processing.

I teach a course on face perception, a course on research methods and statistics, a first-year seminar on the psychology of creativity, and a senior seminar on social neuroscience.

  • Verosky, S. C., & Todorov, A. (2013).  When physical similarity matters: Mechanisms underlying affective learning generalization to the evaluation of novel faces.  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49, 661-669.
  • Verosky, S. C., Todorov, A., & Turk-Browne, N. B. (2013).  Representations of individuals in ventral temporal cortex defined by faces and biographies.  Neuropsychologia, 51, 2100-2108.
  • Verosky, S. C., & Turk-Browne, N. B. (2012).  Representations of facial identity in the right hemisphere require left hemisphere processing.  Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 24, 1006-1017. 
  • Verosky, S. C., & Todorov, A. (2010).  Generalization of affective learning about faces to perceptually similar faces.  Psychological Science, 21, 779-785.
  • Verosky, S. C., & Todorov, A. (2010).  Differential neural responses to faces physically similar to the self as a function of their valence. NeuroImage, 49, 1690-1698.


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June 20, 2023

Annie Griffith turned to Montana to serve in a fellow Obie’s reproductive health clinic.