Rachel Eveleth

  • Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Areas of Study


  • PhD, Duke University, 2016
  • BA, Bowdoin College, 2011


I am an oceanographer and earth-system scientist interested in an interdisciplinary approach to understanding aquatic-climate connections in both my teaching and scholarship at Oberlin College. 

My research explores the physical and biological drivers of biogeochemical cycles in the Polar and Sub-polar Oceans with a focus on the use of dissolved gas tracers, remote sensing, and computational analysis. New work will investigate the role of ice in shaping carbon, oxygen and nutrient cycling in the Great Lakes.

Spring 2024

Oceans and Climate — GEOS 210
Geosciences Practicum — GEOS 599F
Geosciences Practicum — GEOS 599H

Fall 2024

Earth's Environments — GEOS 120
Geosciences Practicum — GEOS 599F
Geosciences Practicum — GEOS 599H


Geology Research Team Joins Winter Campaign to Study the Great Lakes

February 21, 2022

Assistant Professor of Geology Rachel Eveleth is collaborating with scientists from more than a dozen universities in the Winter Grab, a first-of-its-kind research initiative to better understand the ecology of the Great Lakes. One of the world’s largest surface freshwater ecosystems, the Great Lakes account for 84 percent of North America's surface fresh water and about 21 percent of the world's supply of surface fresh water.

This Week in Photos: January 29

January 29, 2020

Although Winter Term 2020 is complete there are still so many photogenic and inspiring moments to share. In this photo series, we visit Lake Erie; Hall Annex 100 for a theater workshop with director Joey Rizzolo; Peters Hall for an elementary Russian class; the Ninde Scholars at Oberlin High School; and a chance to sport a terrific pair of 3D-printed snow glasses.