This Week in Photos: January 29

January 29, 2020

Yvonne Gay

Students look at neon artwork.
Studio art open house in the Clarence Ward Art Building.
Photo credit: John Seyfried


A student pulls a rope out of the water as a professor looks on.
Eliza Goodell and Assistant  Professor of Geology Rachel Eveleth perform Lake Erie climate research on South Bass Island, Ohio. Photo credit: Kristin Stanford


Large tent-like structures glow in the dark.
Joey Rizzolo, director of film and theater, leads a workshop with students in Hall Annex 100. Photo credit: Dustin Frantz


Two students sit at a desk in an office.
The Ninde Scholars Program under way at Oberlin High School. Photo credit: John Seyfried


A girl carves a wooden block.
A student works on a handcrafted spoon in the Arts, Artisans, and Anonymity workshop. Photo credit: Yvone Gay


One student wears a pair of plastic glasses and another student wears a pair of wooden glasses.
Students demonstrate a pair of wooden snow glasses from the Practicum in Exhibit Design project that were reproduced in 3D Printing 101. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay


A student assembles a flute on a desk.
A student reassembles a flute in Conservatory Professor Alex Still’s Flute Maintenance and Repair group project. Photo credit: Dale Preston ‘83


A group of students sit facing a graduate student in a conference room.
Students in the Trip Through the Deep South tour visit with Yemko Pryor ’17, a current PhD student at Emory University. Photo credit: Michael Hartman


Students face a chalkboard with Russian words on it.
Students in the classroom for the Intensive Elementary Russian project. Photo credit: John Seyfried


Students talk to each other in a classroom.
Students in Assistant Professor Emily Barton’s Writing for Everyone project read and discuss texts on pedagogy while building their own principles for running a vibrant, inclusive workshop. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay


A woman talks to a group of students.
Financial Education Specialist Melissa Donohue ’87 discusses the concept of bringing the Oberlin graduate into the corporate world. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay


A male student works with wires at a worktable.
Students enrolled in Sonic Arts in Society work on projects. Photo credit: Julie Gulenko ’15


A girl places flexible wires on a hat.
Lights are the focal point of the photo-sonic composition piece being created in this project. Photo credit: Oli Bentley


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