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OC Votes – Engaging in Democracy

OC Votes provides a space to learn about the programming and participation opportunities at Oberlin College related to the 2020 election.

In keeping with Oberlin’s commitment to the role of education in fostering vibrant democracy, OC Votes promotes student engagement with this election season using the academic and creative skills of a liberal arts and conservatory education.

This space provides two major pathways to engagement: 

  1. participation in the democratic process through voter registration and voter education, and
  2. programming that offers opportunities to think through and engage with the complex issues this election cycle has raised.

Vote: Then Spread the Word

i voted banner small.One of the easiest ways to encourage voter engagement is through imagery. OC Votes is providing several Zoom backgrounds and Facebook cover photo templates for you to use to show others that you’ve voted.

Be among those who proudly say ’’I voted.’’ Download the background of your choice and resize to use on Zoom, Facebook, and other social media platforms to spread the word.


I voted background - Finney Chapel
I voted background - OC Votes


I voted cover photo - Finney Chapel
I voted cover photo - OC Votes

Voter Resources, Events, and More

OC Votes has a wealth of information and resources to ensure you go to the polls— or the ballot box—as an enthusiastic and informed voter. Watch videos explaining local and state ballot issues, hear virtual presentations and panel discussions, learn your options for voting during the pandemic, and attend virtual and outdoor events (presidential debate, maybe?) to solidify your political stance.

Learn more about OC Votes

Browse election-related events

To learn more or to request that your events be added to the calendar, send email to OCVotes@oberlin.edu.

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This Week in Photos: Debate Watch in Wilder Bowl

October 12, 2020

While Vice President Mike Pence and challenger Kamala Harris faced off in Salt Lake City, Utah, last week, a gathering of 110 Oberlin College students spread out in Wilder Bowl to watch the debate on a giant screen.

Be Proud to Say ‘‘I Voted’’

Use the Zoom backgrounds and Facebook cover photo templates to tell the world that you have voted. Should you need help in applying them to Zoom or your social media accounts, visit Zoom and Facebook.

i voted banner.

Voting Resources for Students

Find essential information for student voters—including Ohio registration deadlines, absentee ballot instructions, and more.

Oberlin College opened the doors of its John W. Heisman Field House to allow for students and community members to cast their ballots in person on election day. The facility was prepped as a polling place to include socially distanced voting booths and other safety measures.

person walking on a indoor track toward a voting booth.
The indoor track at Oberlin College’s John W. Heisman Field House served as an on-campus voting location.
Photo credit: Yvonne Gay