Policy on Guests and Access to Campus (Fall 2020)

September, 2020

In an effort to safeguard the health and safety of the Oberlin community, Oberlin College is restricting visitors to campus during fall 2020. Guest speakers, artists, and performers will not be allowed on campus while this policy is in effect. Visitors will be limited to those coming to campus through Admissions, pre-approved vendors, and pre-approved family members of enrolled students for specific or emergency purposes. Visitors must abide by all campus health protocols, including wearing masks, maintaining at least 6 feet of physical distance, frequently washing hands, and following all other hygiene and de-densification best practices the college has adopted. Access to facilities may be limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I arrange for my parents to visit campus?

Parents and other guests should avoid visiting campus during the fall semester. Virtual opportunities to observe student performances will be planned and promoted when feasible. In the Conservatory, all indoor performances will be available to watch live over the internet via livestream. No in-person audiences are permitted at any indoor performance on campus. If a family member must visit campus in case of an emergency, please register with the Office of the Dean of Students by emailing deanstu@oberlin.edu.

I have friends who want to visit Oberlin. Can they stay with me overnight or even just come for the day?

No, guests not are permitted in Oberlin residence halls for the fall semester. Students living in off-campus housing may not host overnight guests.

Can my class invite someone from Oberlin to meet with us on campus?

Only those who are part of Oberlin’s testing protocol can officially be on campus, therefore all external guest visits to classes should be virtual. Faculty and student groups are encouraged to work with community members who they wish to engage with their class or organization to develop virtual engagement opportunities. If a fellow member of campus who is part of Oberlin’s testing protocol wishes to meet with another class, they must adhere to all in-person classroom policies and public health guidance to do so.

Can my ExCo meet with someone from the Oberlin community off campus?

Per the off-campus engagement policy, Oberlin College has suspended in-person external student engagement with community organizations. All external student engagement for college-sponsored activities or partnerships in the surrounding community must take place virtually or on a remote basis until further notice.

Do you consider Tappan Square to be on campus? Can my class meet with a guest outside on the square?

Tappan Square is owned by Oberlin College and is part of campus. Tappan Square is also treated as space to be shared with the public unless reserved for college-sponsored events. Guests may access outdoor spaces in compliance with College policy and the local public health department's guidance.

Can my group schedule an outside rally and invite people from outside the college to join?

Outside gatherings must comply with College policy and local public health guidance. Generally, guests are not permitted inside Oberlin facilities.

Can prospective students meet with faculty in person, visit a class, or have a music lesson?

While in-person campus tours are available through the Admissions office, prospective students are not permitted to meet with faculty members on campus, visit an in-person class, or have an in-person music lesson. Virtual opportunities for all of these activities are available. 

Can emeritus faculty visit campus?

Only those emeritus faculty who have been approved to be part of and are actively participating in Oberlin’s testing protocol are permitted to be on campus.