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Who is Shannon Miller?

July 20, 2021

Amanda Nagy

Shannon Miller.
Shannon Miller is the departmental assistant in the Facilities Operations Department.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Shannon Miller

You could say that the Facilities Operations Department couldn’t operate without Shannon Miller. Her role providing customer and administrative support touches on nearly every aspect of the department. Off duty, the time she spends with her blended family includes following her daughter’s artistic roller skating career. Find out more about Miller in this installment of Who Am I?

Name: Shannon Miller

Job title, department, and location: Departmental Assistant in the Facilities Operations Department, located in the Service Building.

Describe your role in this position: I provide administrative and customer support for the Facility Operations Department. I audit usage, billing, and variances, and maintain current billing/accounting of utilities (gas, steam, electric, water, sewer, etc). I operate the vehicle rental car program for students, staff, club sports, and other assorted groups and faculty members. I support and maintain files for the Commencement book, maintain the rental database for faculty/staff houses, apartments, and College Property of Oberlin rentals; and of course, I assist with processing work orders and key requests.

What do you like about your job? I love that there are so many different aspects to my job that I never have time to get bored or complacent! I love being able to assist staff, students, faculty, and parents with whatever they need. 

What are your hobbies? My husband Doug and I celebrated our 15-year anniversary this year. We have a blended family that includes daughter Kaitlyn (25), twin sons Sam and Jake (25), daughter Annabella (20), daughter Maggie (14) and two Basset hounds, Zeke and Finneas. My hobbies and personal interests revolve around my family—they are my everything. I love traveling with them, or just hanging out and Sunday night dinners. My current hobby is helping my oldest daughter Kaitlyn plan a November wedding. I also constantly follow and support my youngest daughter Maggie’s artistic roller skating career. She is heading to Nationals once again this month. She placed fifth in the nation in her event in 2019. 

Favorite place to visit? In 2019 we took an amazing two-week trip out west. We flew into San Francisco and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, staying overnight in a number of coastal cities. My daughter Maggie skated at Nationals in Spokane, Washington, that year. After Nationals, we continued our journey through Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, and flew back home from Colorado. Just an INCREDIBLE trip! 

Favorite book? I love to read. My favorites are The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and Phantom by Susan Kay. My favorite author is Nora Roberts.

Words to live by? “Our role as leaders is to INSPIRE others to BELIEVE in themselves and BECOME someone they never dreamed possible,” byJulie Gilbert.



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