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Who is Jamie Jacobs?

February 9, 2021

Yvonne Gay

A woman holds a small dog while standing on a wooden ramp near a barn.
Jamie Jacobs
Photo credit: Courtesy of Jamie Jacobs

Jamie Jacobs runs a farm outside of day job at Oberlin College. To find out more about Jacbos, read this installment of Why Am I?

Name: Jamie Jacobs

Department and location on campus: Art Department in the Venturi Art Building 

Job title: Program Coordinator

What does your job entail? I attend to the wide and varied needs of the Art Department, spanning from enhancing the student experience to planning and executing public art events. I support faculty, students, and see to the business operations of the department in a consistent way. 

How many years at Oberlin? Nine years in April

What are your hobbies? Foraging, cooking, fiber arts, advocating for the OCOPE union and workers rights, being outdoors, reading, and arguing about politics and social issues with my father-in-law. My husband and I run a business and farm outside of my time in the office, so any free time we have mainly goes toward maintaining our home and animals. 

Nickname(s)? I am Auntie J to my 15 nieces and nephews, but I suppose that is more of a relationship. If I do have any nicknames, I do not think anyone is relaying those to me directly. 

Favorite food? Basically anything with dairy fat in it.


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