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Who is Eboni Johnson?

June 30, 2021

Yvonne Gay

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Eboni Johnson, outreach and programming librarian.
Photo credit: Tanya Rosen-Jones '97

Find out why To Kill a Mockingbird is Eboni Johnson’s favorite book and movie in this installment of Who Am I?


Full Name: Eboni A. Johnson

Department and location on campus: Mary Church Terrell Main Library in the Mudd Center

Job title: Outreach and Programming Librarian

What does your job entail? Essentially, my job involves three main areas: to serve as a reference and instruction librarian and support the research, teaching, and learning efforts of our faculty and students; to coordinate Oberlin College Libraries' (OCL) programming activities; and to promote OCL's resources, programs, and services across campus and the community-at-large. Basically, my job is to develop relationships, seek out opportunities, and organize and facilitate the delivery of initiatives that meet the goals of OCL and Oberlin College.

How many years at Oberlin? 12 years this coming August. August 24, to be precise.

Favorite book and why? To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It was written a long time ago, and takes place in a time long before that. Still, the theme resonates as if the book could have taken place right now. 

Favorite author and why? Oh, that's a tough one. 

Favorite movie? The Color Purple and To Kill A Mockingbird.

Favorite place in Oberlin and why? The Arbs. Both of them—the new restaurant on West College Street AND the beautiful arboretum on Morgan Street.

The most memorable performance or event you ever attended was: At Oberlin, probably the time my family saw Take Six at Finney Chapel when I was in high school. 

Any recent achievements you would like to tell us about? I’m not sure this can be counted as an achievement quite yet, but I'm currently writing an article on Virginia Proctor Powell Florence. She was an alumna from the Class of 1919. In 1923, she became the first Black woman to earn a degree in library science. It's due to be published next year.

Hobbies? Cooking (and eating!), reading, knitting, swimming, and home improvement stuff (if that can be considered a hobby).

Nickname(s)? That's classified. Most people on campus call me Ms. Eboni. That's not a nickname, exactly, but I will answer.

Favorite food? Soul food / comfort food. One of my very favorite meals is fried chicken and waffles, even though I mostly follow a plant-based, dairy-free diet.  

Favorite Quote? "Be smart. Be strategic. Be selective,” by Yvette McGee Brown.

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