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Where Am I?

July 22, 2020

Yvonne Gay

Faces, people, and shapes pressed into a metal sheet.
Photo credit: Dale Preston '83

This week’s Where Am I? is a small art exhibit with works created by both college and community members. Hand-painted leaves, intricate mosaics, drawings, and other forms of expression cling to the walls of buildings on campus and in the town of Oberlin. In fact, the piece pictured here is located in a space known for expression. Can you guess where it resides?

Were you able to guess where this mural resides? Before clicking on the answer key to check your response, continue testing your skills by perusing the gallery below and guess where each piece resides in Oberlin.

A gallery of nine images that show wall art.


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After months of preparation to campus buildings and the implementation of recent protocols to all spaces, the Class of 2024 began arriving on campus on Sunday, August 23.
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Where Am I?

July 16, 2020

Chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces hang from ceilings and are affixed to the sides of buildings like architectural jewelry around campus. While they are appreciated, these pieces can blend seamlessly into the style of their surroundings. Until now. Can you name the space where this chandelier resides?
A round bulbed chandelier

Where Am I?

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Oberlin is a busy place. We weave down pathways, board elevators, and climb staircases en route to destinations. In our haste to move from one place to the next, it can be easy to overlook the obvious. Can you guess where this staircase is located?
A girl looks up while standing on a wooden staircase.