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This Week in Photos: Nightscapes

January 14, 2021

Yvonne Gay

A full moon in a dark sky next to the silhouette of a building.
The moon over the courtyard near Asia House.
Photo credit: Jee Seung Yun ’13

The moon rests on a backdrop of perfect blue over the courtyard outside of Asia House. This picture served as inspiration for this week’s nightscapes photo series.

Throughout the years, the night sky at Oberlin has served as a mesmerizing backdrop for campus and community life. This week we will visit several places on campus where the night sky makes the campus pop.

See more Oberlin nightscapes on Oberlin’s Flickr page.

People walking down a path at night.
A path leading to the Science Center. Photo credit: Sela Miller ’15
A full moon next to a round brick building.
Finney Chapel. Photo credit: Pang Fei Chiang ’19
A courtyard at night.
North Quad. Photo credit: Sela Miller ’15
A drone picture of a football field taken at night.
The Austin E. Knowlton Athletics Complex. Photo credit: New Vision Media
A late night light art installation.
A light installation in Tappan Square. Photo credit: Gregory Pendolino
A koi pond at night.
The koi pond in the Bibbins Hall courtyard. Photo credit: Courtesy of the Office of Communications
The front of a large brick building at night.
Finney Chapel. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko
A large group of people at a bonfire.
OSCA bonfire in Tappan Square. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko, 2015


This Week in Photos is a selection of images and is not meant to represent a weekly timeline. Images highlight campus, community, people, and events related to Oberlin College.

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