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This Week in Photos: A New Season

April 19, 2021

Yvonne Gay

A crop of daffodils in a park.
Daffodils in Tappan Square.
Photo credit: Dale Preston ’83

A budding crop of daffodils in Tappan Square serves as inspiration for this week’s photo series.

Tiny purple buds cling to thin tree limbs with a small carpet of yellow and white daffodils bending in the breeze nearby. Tappan Square in early spring is not only filled with beautiful pictures, but a visual start to a new season that makes its way across campus. 

In this photo series we stop by Warner Concert Hall to hear percussion ensembles; order a latte from President Carmen Twillie Ambar in Azariah’s Café; roll up our sleeves for the vaccine in Hales Gym; and conclude with softball, track, and baseball games near Phillips Gym.

Three students play kettle drums on a stage.
Percussion ensembles in Warner Concert Hall. Photo credit: Jonathan Clark '25
A woman pours milk into a cup.
President Carmen Twillie Ambar works a barista shift in Azariah’s Café. Photo credit: Jonathan Clark ’25
Students and nurses in three separate medical bays.
The vaccination clinic in Hales Gym ended last week after being visited by faculty, staff, and students. Photo credit: Yvonne Gay
A woman softball player stands on a plate with a member of the opposing team next to her.
The women’s softball team topped Allegheny in their season opener, 13-5. Photo credit: Courtesy of Oberlin Athletics
Two female college students race in a track meet.
Oberlin’s track and field teams competed outdoors for the first time in nearly two full years against Allegheny. Photo credit: Courtesy of Oberlin Athletics
A male baseball player throws a ball in a game.
The men’s baseball team opened the season with a split against Hilbert College. The Yeomen won the first game 14-5. Hilbert followed up with a 10-0 win. Photo credit: Courtesy of Oberlin Athletics


This Week in Photos is a selection of images and is not meant to represent a weekly timeline. Images highlight campus, community, people, and events related to Oberlin College.

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