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This Week in Photos: Elections to Mini Pumpkins

November 4, 2020

Yvonne Gay

A man stands in front of a group of singers.
Professor Steven Plank leads Collegium Musicum in ‘‘Palestrina from the Porch’’ on Clark Bandstand in Tappan Square.
Photo credit: Vu Nguyen '21

In this week’s photo series we swing by the voting polls, rub elbows with a professor, linger under a big tent of images, decompress at an outdoor night concert and faculty recital, pull up a seat at the Cat, head to Finney Chapel for Taiko, and pick up a brush to do some mini pumpkin painting. 


A student votes at a voting booth.
The Heisman Field House served as an on-campus voting location for this year’s presidential election. 
Photo credit: Yvonne Gay
Two men bump elbows.
Timothy Weiss, professor of conducting and ensembles, bumps elbows with William Quillen, dean of the conservatory, after presenting a President’s Lecture titled "Embarking on New Beginnings—The Responsibility of Classical Music Programming." Photo credit: Dale Preston ’83
Images are projected on the inside roof of a tent with people walking inside.
An image and sound installation on display in Wilder Bowl. The project—Experiments in Sound and Image—was designed by seniors Bhairavi Mehra, Natalie Passaro, and Claudia Hinsdale. Photo credit: Dale Preston ’83
A choir gives an outdoor night performance.
An outdoor concert on the patio of Mudd Center was performed by the Oberlin College Choir under the direction of Gregory Ristow ’01 with piano accompaniment by Javier Gonzales. The concert was livestreamed and projected on the side of Mudd Center.
Photo credit: Jack Lichtenstein '23
Faculty give a violin recital.
A faculty recital livestreamed from Warner Concert Hall. Performances featured duo works for violin and piano by Professors of Violin David Bowlin ’00, Sibbi Bernhardsson ’95, and Francesca dePasquale, with Haewon Song and James Howsmon on piano. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko
Two students give a reading on stage.
Professor Caroline Jackson Smith’s class, Playwrighting and Performance in the Time of Black Lives Matter, read from their original works at the Cat and the Cream Coffeehouse. Students created imaginative works that respond to today’s challenges in the call for racial justice. Photo credit: Jack Lichtenstein ’23
Students give a taiko drumming concert.
Students give a livestreamed Taiko performance in Finney Chapel. Photo credit: Jack Lichtenstein '23
Two girls dressed in Halloween costumes.
TGIF festivities in Wilder Bowl featured a Halloween costume contest, hot chocolate, candy bags, mini pumpkin painting, and live music. Photo credit: Anokha Venugopal ’23

This Week in Photos is a selection of images and is not meant to represent a weekly timeline. Images highlight campus, community, people, and events related to Oberlin College.

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