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Oberlin Dance Department Among Nation’s Best

September 25, 2018

Communications Staff

Oberlin dance
Photo credit: John Seyfried

Each year, OnStage Blog takes a look at the many dance programs across the country, and Oberlin's program was named among the top 25 college dance programs for 2018-19.

Highlight: Program features somatic studies. Soma refers to the living body. Somatic study awakens, educates and empowers individuals to become responsible and accountable for creating change in their bodies and lives. Exploring somatic education increases your awareness of the intricate relationship of body and mind and the world around you. This focus is particularly well-suited for those students who want to continue their education in the field of body therapies and sports and arts medicine as well as those students who want to learn all they can to enhance their own health and well being. This area of study offers both theoretical approaches and movement practices to increase kinesthetic awareness and an understanding of what creates optimal physical performance.

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