Oberlin Conservatory Global Offers Summer Schedule for 2022

Online platform for lifelong learners, professionals, and students includes courses on teaching music, racial politics and classical music, music theory, and viola.

May 12, 2022

Erich Burnett

Oberlin Conservatory Global: virtual learning, virtually everywhere.

Oberlin Conservatory Global, the virtual-learning platform created to deliver the resources of Oberlin to audiences worldwide, continues its second year with four new courses offered during summer 2022.

Programs are designed to appeal to a wide range of interests, for music teachers and students, to lifelong learners seeking deep dives into fascinating musical subjects.

All courses are led by conservatory faculty and administrators, and some are eligible for continuing education credit.

Summer 2022 course offerings include the following:

Practicum in Music Pedagogy

This synchronous virtual course offers a two-pronged approach that incorporates collaborative master classes and in-depth engagement with pedagogical literature to support early-career music educators in creating more dynamic teaching and learning settings for their students. The course takes place June 6-9 and June 13-16, and is taught by Jody Kerchner, professor of music education at Oberlin Conservatory. Deadline to register is May 15.

The Racial Politics of Classical Music

This course provides an overview of the key discussions taking place at the intersection of race and classical music. Particular attention is paid to challenges surrounding the integration of Black American musical idioms and styles within classical music. The course convenes for six weekly sessions, beginning Tuesday, June 14. It is taught by violist and scholar Chris Jenkins, the conservatory’s associate dean for academic support and liaison to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Deadline to register is Tuesday, May 31.

Music Theory Jumpstart

Available to students as well as lifelong learners, this six-week online fundamentals course is designed to prepare students to excel in high school AP and college-level music theory. It consists of one weekly prerecorded lecture, one weekly live workshop with small groups, and structured self-study using uTheory.com. The course runs from June 20 through July 29 and is taught by Associate Professor of Music Theory Joseph Lubben. Registration deadline is June 6.

Viola Workshop: Exploring "Conductivity"

This weeklong virtual program is presented in tandem with an available in-person workshop presented on campus by Oberlin Conservatory Summer Programs. Both are taught by Oberlin Professor of Viola Peter Slowik. Two tracks of engagement are geared toward young violists (ages 13-18) and early professionals (ages 20-26). The workshop takes place from Monday, June 27, through Friday, July 1; deadline to register is Monday, June 20.

ABOUT OC GLOBAL: Oberlin Conservatory Global was established in summer 2021 in conjunction with Oberlin’s implementation of virtual education for its undergraduate students. OC Global brings the dynamic range of knowledge and skills of Oberlin Conservatory faculty to a classroom without boundaries. Courses are intended for students at the high school, college, or graduate level, as well as teachers and lifelong learners. These courses offer excellent opportunities for energizing the study, creation, and teaching of music.

OC Global continues in fall 2022 with a new slate of offerings. Learn more at Oberlin.edu/conservatory/oc-global.

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