September 5, 2018
Communications Staff
Downtown Oberlin, Ohio
Downtown Oberlin Photo credit: Matthew Lester

New rules for driver license and identification cards require individuals to prove their identity in an increased number of ways. Those who are renewing or obtaining an Ohio DL-ID are encouraged to become familiar with these changes.

In order to comply with federal regulations and provide for greater security, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles recently introduced its new Driver License and Identification Card (DL-ID). These changes are of particular importance to those who are renewing or obtaining an Ohio DL-ID prior to the November 2018 elections or those who travel frequently.

According to the Ohio BMV website, “Customers will go to a Deputy Registrar agency for DL-ID card renewal or other transaction(s) and will have the option to choose a Compliant DL-ID or a Standard DL-ID. The two options will require different identity documents.”

A Compliant DL-ID meets national travel security requirements and is a federally compliant form of identification that will be required to fly commercially or to access federal facilities or military bases in 2020. Obtaining a Compliant card requires more identity documents than the Standard Card.

A Standard Card does not meet national travel security requirements and will have to be used in conjunction with a passport or other acceptable documents approved by TSA.

Read about and access a list of acceptable documents for the Compliant DL-ID Card and the Standard DL-ID Card.


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