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McGonigle Accepts Position at Tufts

March 13, 2013

Office of Communications

Reverend Greg McGonigle

The Reverend Greg McGonigle, who has served Oberlin College as director of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) since July 2008, has accepted an appointment as university chaplain at Tufts University, a senior-staff level appointment that will bring him closer to his family in the Boston area and to opportunities for further study. He will leave Oberlin’s employ on June 30, 2013.

“We are most grateful to Greg for all his work over the past five years,” says Dean of Students Eric Estes. “He has done an amazing job, especially in collaboration with students, and has built a strong foundation for the future of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life.”

During his tenure, Oberlin has built what McGonigle describes as “one of the finest multifaith religious life programs in the country,” noting that “some 13 other institutions have consulted with us to improve or establish their own programs based on our current model.” Under McGonigle’s leadership, the college signed on to the White House Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, which, he says, “allowed us to establish an Interfaith Faculty and Staff Council, Interfaith Student Council, Interfaith Service Days, courses on interfaith engagement, and so much more.”

“I am deeply grateful to President Krislov, Dean Estes, and colleagues in ORSL and all campus units for their support and collaborations in this work, so vital to the multiculturalism and social justice in our society and world, that is at the heart of our identity at Oberlin,”says McGonigle. “In this work we have been led by students, especially the Interfaith Student Council, who will be in place to advise and support Oberlin's next multifaith religious and spiritual life leader. I am deeply grateful to the whole Oberlin family for the opportunity to learn and serve here and I will consider myself an Obie always.”

A farewell celebration open to all will take place in early May.

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