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Latinx Community Observes Día de la Raza

October 13, 2015

Communications Staff

Photo credit: Yingran Zhang

Community organizer, journalist, and hip hop activist Rosa Clemente delivers the keynote address at the Día de la Raza Banquet on October 8 in the Root Room. Día de la Raza (or Day of the Race) is a holiday observed throughout Latin America on October 12 that recognizes the violence and genocide native populations endured throughout the colonization of the Americas and celebrates the indigeneity, mixed identities, and survival that exists within the Latinx diaspora today. The banquet kicked off Latinx Heritage Month, which consists of workshops, lectures, panels, discussions, and performances that celebrate the nuanced history of Latinidad in order to build a stronger Latinx community. Latinx Heritage Month runs through November 9.

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