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CRW 2016: Important Information for Faculty/Staff, Part 2

May 13, 2016

Communications Staff

Faculty walk at commencement ceremony
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

The following was prepared by Danielle Young, executive director of the Oberlin Alumni Association and chair of the Commencement/Reunion Committee, and Marjorie Burton Director of safety and security. The information has been edited for this publication.

With Commencement taking place on a regular workday this year, there will be parking and traffic flow implications. A parking plan for Monday, May 23, is in place and available online.

As "CRW 2016: Important Information for Faculty/Staff, Part 1" stated, in order to accommodate and welcome the family members of our graduates and alumni on Monday, May 23, many campus parking lots will be reserved for guest parking. A map and detailed information can be viewed on the Oberlin College Commencement Day Parking Information document. Faculty and staff members who normally park in these lots are being asked to park in one of two off-campus parking lots for the day:

  • New Russia Township Hall, 46300 Butternut Ridge, Road, Oberlin, Ohio 44074
  • City of Oberlin Sports and Recreation Complex, 225 West Hamilton Street, Oberlin, Ohio 44074

Free shuttle service will be provided between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. to and from these off-campus lots. Shuttles will run in continuous loops, and wait times should be 15 minutes or less.

The New Russia Township Hall shuttles will drop passengers off and pick them up on West Lorain Street, in front of Wilder Hall. The Oberlin Sports Complex shuttles will drop passengers off and pick them up in the Conservatory South lot off of South Professor Street.

Faculty and staff may choose which off-campus lot they prefer based on commute routes and preferred campus shuttle stop locations. Security personnel will monitor the off-campus lots.

Any faculty or staff members who are working the day of Commencement and have handicap parking credentials will be allowed to park on campus, as opposed to being shuttled to off-campus parking.

Faculty and staff members who are working on Monday and who are essential for the support of the Commencement ceremony will be eligible for on-campus parking, as long as they have a dashboard pass and park their cars in the designated lots of the South/West Service Building, Professional Services Building, or Stevenson. Passes will be distributed to you the week of May 16.

Faculty and staff members who are processing on Monday are also eligible for on-campus parking in the Woodland South and Hollywood lots. If you signed up to process prior to Thursday, May 12, your name is on the approved list of processing faculty and staff. Please pick up a dashboard pass during the week of May 16 in the Safety and Security Office, 159 West Lorain Street.

Those seated on the stage for Commencement will receive dashboard passes for parking in the Finney or Rice lots.

Please keep in mind that city of Oberlin parking rules will be in effect. This enforcement will include, but will not be limited to, “Patron Only” lots, pass/permit only spaces, and on-street parking in the business district that has a two-hour parking limit (Main Street south of the Hall Auditorium crosswalk and East and West College Streets between Pleasant Street and Professor Street). Please be mindful of where you park and be courteous to our community neighbors. We continue to encourage local faculty and staff members to bike, walk, or carpool.

If you park your car off-campus on Monday, May 23, and have an emergency need to get to your car quickly, please call Safety and Security at x58444. If you have a special need preventing you from utilizing the shuttle service, please contact Facility Operations at x58445. A Transportation Work Order will be created so that the request can be fulfilled in the best possible fashion.

Questions related to the parking plan and dashboard passes should be directed to Safety and Security at x58444. For questions related to work and office hours, please reference "CRW 2016: Important Information for Faculty/Staff, Part 1."

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we seek ways to serve you—our valued colleagues—as well as more than 3,500 guests who will visit campus during Commencement/Reunion Weekend.

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