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Conference Win for Women's Lacrosse

April 10, 2013

Communications Staff

Oberlin womens lacrosse player running towards the opposing net against the Kenyon team
Photo credit: Erik Andrews

The women’s lacrosse team took down conference opponent DePauw University at home this past Saturday with a final score of 17-10 after a career-high seven-goal performance by senior Ilyssa Meyer, center. Other spring varsity sports for Yeowomen are softball, track and field, and tennis, which just secured its first ever national ranking in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

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Commencement and Milestone Reunion 2022

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Graduation caps with flowers on them.

This Week in Photos: Perfectly Pitched

June 1, 2022

Students in the Class of 2022 walk down a shaded pathway that joins a large tent nestled in a backyard on Forest Street. They will soon be welcomed by their host, President Carmen Twillie Ambar, into a spring day senior garden party.
Students along a covered platform.

This Week in Photos: Hello Spring!

May 25, 2022

It’s a warm day in Wilder Bowl and the Oberlin community is making the most of it. Some have chosen to spend the day with friends, study, or just have fun like these two handstanding students who also serve as inspiration for this week’s photo series
Two students do handstands on a lawn.