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People at a large gathering, seated at tables with tablecloths. Most are smiling.

Seniors Share a Laugh

May 22, 2015
Communications Staff
The Class of 2015 and other guests share a laugh at Senior Supper while watching The History of Oberlin Dance , this year’s senior video. Held Thursday, May 21, in Wilder Bowl, Senior...

Class of 2015, Get Ready to Celebrate!

May 14, 2015
Communications Staff
Graduating seniors are encouraged to celebrate their time at Oberlin by participating in an array of Senior Week events taking place Sunday, May 17, through Friday, May 22.


People hold up a homemade banner that reads 'Oberlin 2013'

Their Last Days as Students

May 24, 2013
Communications Staff
Members of Oberlin's Class of 2013 unveiled their class banner at the Senior Supper, held Thursday evening. They will be welcomed into the Oberlin Alumni Association at the Champagne Luncheon...
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