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Elizabeth Sullivan, assessment and user experience librarian

Q&A with Elizabeth Sullivan

February 14, 2018
Communications Staff
“Q&A with…” is a series dedicated to introducing staff members to the Oberlin community. Learn about Elizabeth Sullivan, assessment and user experience librarian.

Icicle bicycle

January 24, 2017
Communications Staff
It’s simple to navigate Oberlin’s 440-acre campus, and many students, faculty, and staff choose to do so via bicycle. With bike racks in front of most buildings, it can be easy to...
A student reads, curled up in a ball chair

Fall Term Finals

December 13, 2016
Office of Communications
As fall semester comes to a close, Mudd Center library's iconic chairs fill with students preparing for final examinations. Known as “womb” chairs in Obie-speak , but actually called...

What’s in Your Backpack?

April 7, 2016
Communications Staff
Senior Elana Meyers sees backpacks just about everywhere on campus: hanging from the backs of chairs, strewn on the library floor, serving as pillows in Wilder Bowl. And seeing so many backpacks made...


Alexia Hudson-Ward

Alexia Hudson-Ward Named Director of Libraries

March 25, 2016
Communications Staff
Alexia Hudson-Ward will join the Oberlin community on July 1 as the Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries. As director, Hudson-Ward will be responsible for the four campus libraries, special exhibits, collection development, technology integration, and space planning and utilization.


Student in the letterpress studio

Hands-on Letterpress Learning

April 25, 2015
Communications Staff
Located on the second floor of Mudd Library, the Letterpress Studio is accessible to students through an ExCo class, a winter-term group project, and opportunities for class visits. Here, Jacob...


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