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Best of Luck with Finals

May 15, 2014

Marvin Krislov

Photo credit: John Seyfried

Finals are upon us, and Senior Week and Commencement are just days away. I wish everyone the best of luck with their final exams, papers, and projects. This is an exciting but also tense time of the academic year.

So here is my annual reminder: please be sure to take care of your mental and physical health. There are a range of stress-relieving activities and resources available through your class deans, the Dean of Student’s Office, and the health service. Remember to take breaks, even if they’re brief. Exercise is good. A brisk walk, a few yoga exercises, or 10 minutes of playing Frisbee can help relieve pressure and stimulate your thinking.

At the risk of getting ahead of events, I want you soon-to-graduate seniors to know how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many of you. I’ve especially enjoyed meeting with those of you who took me up on my offer to meet one-on-one to help with your career plans. I hope you enjoyed the meetings and found them useful.

Special thanks to those seniors who—in the great tradition of student activism at Oberlin—devoted so much time, energy, and thought to building on our shared commitment to diversity, inclusion, community, and sustainability at Oberlin. Thanks, too, to the faculty and staff members who mentored and advised them.

Class of 2014, allow me to remind you that you still have until June 30 to make a gift of any size to your Senior Class Gift. The Class of 2013 set the bar high with more than 90 percent participation. So this year as a special inducement, I will contribute $1,000 if 60 percent of your class contributes. If you reach 70 percent, I’ll make it $3,000, and for 80 percent $5,000. And if you reach 90 percent, I’ll come up with a super number. This Class of 2014 Gift will go to four worthy causes selected by class vote: Scholarships and Financial Aid; the Multicultural Resource Center; the Social Choice Scholarship; and the Sexual Information Center.

It is heartening to hear from many seniors that studying at Oberlin has introduced them to new ideas and subjects, developed their critical thinking skills, helped them see life from multiple perspectives, elevated their knowledge and performance of music, and nurtured their love of the arts and culture. Seniors, applying those attributes will help you lead meaningful and rewarding lives.

But before you go, I wish all of you all the best with your final week of school. And I hope you have a great time during Senior Week! Enjoy the many events and I’ll see you at the ice cream social, the Senior Supper, and, of course, in Tappan Square at Commencement.

FULBRIGHT AWARDS Oberlin has long been internationally oriented. One measure of that is our students’ great track record of earning prestigious Fulbright Fellowships. So far this year we have won 10 Fulbrights and will likely add more. Congratulations to our students, their faculty advisers and mentors, and Dean of Studies Kathryn Stuart and her staff, especially Nick Petzak, for another strong showing.

The Renaissance of Oberlin Athletics continues to grow thanks to the hard work, dedication, skill, and intelligence of our student-athletes, and our coaches and staff. It has been a terrific year for varsity sports, as well as club and intramural sports and our health and wellness programs. And with the Knowlton complex taking shape on north campus, excitement is growing for the coming academic year.

I had a great time celebrating our varsity athletes this past Saturday at the third annual Obie Awards. What a year they had! Their efforts brought Oberlin three North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) “Coach of the Year” awards. Multiple teams set new records for total wins. And close to 100 individual Oberlin athletes received NCAC all-conference honors. Congratulations to all our athletes and to Delta Lodge Director of Athletics Natalie Winkelfoos and our coaches and staff for an outstanding team effort.

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