Multicultural Resource Commons

Colors of Rhythm

Since its inception in 1997, Colors of Rhythm (CoR) has provided a forum for disenfranchised student artists and performers of color.

Presented annually, this event began as a constructive protest against what the curriculum and academic departments at Oberlin do not cover. By addressing such issues as a lack of resources for and the recognition, valuing, visibility of certain cultural dance forms by the mainstream culture on campus, CoR is a form of cultural activism and protest.

Colors of Rhythm is an important moment for students of color to honor and celebrate their culture, as well as a moment for the dominant campus culture to demonstrate support. Moreover, this event aims to initiate constructive protest against issues of cultural appropriation and uncritical cultural assimilation by and within dominant cultures.

Events like Colors of Rhythm are intended to empower marginalized groups to develop and articulate their voices and encourage majority groups to reflect their relative privilege.