Multicultural Resource Commons

Tips for Antiracist Allyship

icon of person reading a book. Educate Yourself

Educate yourself about different races is an important part of antiracism. Taking the time to do your own research and contending with the power that comes with your racial positionality takes the burden off of POC (or POC from other racial groups) to educate you. It also allows you to reflect on how you fit into racial oppression and move toward action.

icon of an ear for hearing. If You Are An Ally, Listen To People of Color (POC)

Sometimes, it’s best to just listen. Don’t try to relate by explaining a similar situation, counter-arguing, and or asking for explanations. Do your best to absorb and reflect on what is being shared with you. Do your own research to continue your education and self-awareness.

icon of two people next to each other. Be An Active Bystander

We all can challenge racism when we experience it. Use these resources to find strategies that feel authentic for you.



If you would like to contribute money toward organizations committed to antiracism, here is a list of possibilities to get you started.