• Associate Professor of Biology


  • Bachelor of Arts, Washington University, 1992
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Harvard University, 2002


Professor Peters received a Bachelors of Arts in Biology from the Washington University in St. Louis. For the next three years she worked as a research technician at Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the laboratories of Frederick Kaufman and William Agnew, respectively. She obtained her Ph.D. in Genetics from Harvard University in 2002. Her thesis lab was that of Constance L. Cepko, Ph.D. Her work focused on development of the neural retina, specifically the transcription factors and secreted factors that determine the positional identity of the progenitor cells. For her postdoctoral training, Professor Peters joined the lab of Erik M. Jorgensen, Ph.D. at the University of Utah. Here Maureen studied the molecules controlling the one minute digestive motor program of C. elegans. In 2005 she joined the faculty of the Department of Biology at Oberlin College where she continues to study the digestive program of C. elegans using molecular genetics approaches with the assistance of undergraduate researchers in her research lab and the teaching labs.

Additional research, publication, and course information: http://www.oberlin.edu/faculty/mpeters/