Kate Luke ’23

  • Admissions Counselor


A multistate transplant with pieces of home in New York, Florida, and Indiana, I never expected to find myself staying in the Midwest. And yet, after touring Oberlin for the first time, I knew I’d come across something special. 

At Oberlin, I found the freedom to join a dance company, perform in theater productions, and take a screen-printing class—all as a non-major. I found the resources to play Ultimate Frisbee, create in a pottery co-op, and DJ a “dad rock” radio show without having done any of it before. I found the support to make my own films, to edit for a poetry journal, and to chair the Experimental College. I found the opportunity to teach my own class on Percy Jackson, to letterpress a whole book, and to volunteer with incarcerated youth. That is to say—I found a lot. 

I graduated from Oberlin in 2023 with majors in creative writing, cinema studies, and English and a minor in book studies. At Oberlin, I had the immense privilege of learning about the lives and narratives of many different people, whether it was through the books I read in class or the conversations I had with my wonderful professors and peers. Having now taken on the role of an admissions counselor, I am excited to continue that education of sorts by helping to recruit a new generation of Obies. Please reach out if you have any questions (or want any book recs!); I look forward to meeting you on my travels or seeing you on campus—and ultimately hearing your story!  


Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Tennessee, Wisconsin