Department of Human Resources

Retiree Health Plan

If you retire before age 65, you will be enrolled in the Oberlin College Open Access Plus Medical Benefits, Plan A (Plan A).

At age 65 years, retirees are automatically enrolled in the Oberlin College Comprehensive Medical Benefits Plan (Comp. Plan). For retirees on the Comp Plan, Medicare becomes the primary insurer and Oberlin College provides secondary coverage through our existing health carrier.

Both plans include our prescription and mental and substance abuse coverage. For further details, please see the documents below. For cost information under the health, dental and vision plans, please review the applicable section under Retirement.

At age 65, a retiree must be enrolled for both Medicare Part A & Part B and pay the part B premium. Part A coverage is at no cost to the retiree. A copy of the Medicare card should be forwarded to Human Resources in order to be credited with the reduced premium rate for those on Medicare. The covered spouse/partner must also enroll in Medicare Part A and B, when eligible, and provide Human Resources with a copy of the Medicare card.