Office of Residence Life

Temporary Art Installation Policy

In cooperation with the Department of Art, Facilities Operations, Residence Life, and the Office of Campus Safety, this policy has been established to provide general guidelines for students requesting the use of space for the purpose of temporary art installations.

Temporary art installations include, but are not limited to, sculptures, 3-D art, murals, gallery displays, live performances, and may not permanently alter the existing space in any way. Each space requested for use of a temporary art installation will be looked at individually to determine its appropriateness.

Students must identify the requested space and complete the temporary art installation application. It is recommended that the application be completed and all signatures be obtained a minimum of two weeks prior to the installation beginning. Additional signatures may be requested as deemed appropriate.

Each representative signing the application, will address matters of appropriateness in terms of long-term multiple users, technical application, physical impact, safety and security, aesthetics, installation material needs, and life safety/fire code issues. In addition, signatories may make recommendations regarding the execution of the installation.

To secure approval, the application must have all required signatures in the order they appear on the form. Once all signatures are obtained, Facilities Operations will retain a copy of the completed form on file. A copy will be sent to each department/representative signing the form and the original will be given back to the requesting student or group. Any installations that do not have documented approval will be removed at the expense of the responsible student/group. Furthermore, installations that have the necessary approval, but fail to follow the design specified on the application will also be removed at the expense of the responsible student/group.

Guidelines That Must Be Followed:

  • Secured spaces (i.e., network closets, mechanical rooms, custodial closets, etc.) will not be approved for safety and security reasons.
  • Installations that entail the use of flammable items or materials prohibited by Housing and Dining Regulations will not be approved.
  • All Housing and Dining Regulations must be adhered to for the duration of the installation.
  • No installations will be approved for a period that falls within reading or exam periods.
  • Students are responsible for removing the installation by the date indicated on the application.
  • Students who do not follow the application process will forfeit the privilege to apply for another installation in any residence hall and or dining hall for the remainder of the academic year.
  • All installations must be without cost to Oberlin College in terms of maintenance, materials, labor, placement, satisfactory clean up and security.
  • Safety will be a primary consideration in the approval process. Oberlin College will not assume responsibility for injury to the maker(s) or the public, or property damage.
  • It is necessary to reserve space for departmental and College functions in certain areas of the campus and on particular dates during the academic year. Approval for installations, which may conflict with reserved areas and dates, will be denied.

Temporary Art Installation Application