Hispanic Studies

Engaged Hispanic Studies

Engaged Hispanic Studies takes what you’re learning in your courses and puts it into practice through internships, research, study away, winter term, career exploration, and beyond.

Here’s a sampling of recent projects, field experiences, and post-graduate destinations for Hispanic studies majors.

RISE at Oberlin
Research. Internships. Study Away. Experiential Learning.

Ways Hispanic Studies Majors Rise


  • Can art serve as a cure for trauma? (Cuba)
  • How do we translate bilingual literature? (New York / Puerto Rico)
  • What are the many ways in which a culture remembers its icons? (Argentina)
  • Can pop music be countercultural? (Spain)
  • Can writing fiction serve as an avenue to learn more about our past? (Puerto Rico)


  • Refugee advocate, RefugeeOne, Chicago
  • Production intern, Team COCO, Conan with Conan O’Brien, TBS, Los Angeles
  • Citizenship class facilitator, El Centro, Lorain, Ohio
  • Intern, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Minneapolis
  • Editorial intern, La Oveja Roja Publishing House, Madrid, Spain

Study Away

More than 85 percent of Hispanic Studies majors study abroad. The most popular sites include:

  • Cuba (Universidad de La Habana)
  • Oberlin in Solidarity with El Salvador (OSES); Oberlin in Solidarity with Guatemala (OSSGUA)
  • Spain (CIEE, Seville; PRESHCO, Córdoba; CIEE, Barcelona)
  • Chile (CIEE, Valparaíso; CIEE, Santiago)
  • Argentina (CIEE Liberal Arts, Buenos Aires)
  • Oberlin in Guadalajara (Mexico) intensive winter-term program

Experiential Learning

  • The SITES program (Spanish in the Elementary Schools) provides students with rigorous training to teach Spanish in Oberlin’s elementary schools.
  • La Casa Hispánica is a language-program residence hall for students who want to live in an immersive Spanish-speaking culture featuring lectures, exhibits, concerts, movie nights, poetry readings, and dance classes.
  • The Immigrant Worker Project teaches ESL to Oberlin College employees and residents of Lorain County.
  • America Reads tutors children in Oberlin Public Schools in literacy.

First Destinations of Recent Hispanic Studies Majors

  • Graduate Schools:
    • MA in journalism (Columbia University), musical performance (University of Montreal), arts entertainment and media (University of Buenos Aires), rhetoric (Carnegie Mellon), Arts in Education (Stanford)
    • PhD in English (Rutgers), Spanish (University of Michigan)
    • MsEd in urban education policy (Brown University)
    • JD (Harvard Law, Boston University Law School, Northeastern University Law School)
  • Fellowships:
    • Fulbright ETA and Research Fellowships in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil
    • Uncommon Schools Summer Teaching Fellowship
  • Positions:
    • Research assistant, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
    • English teacher in Spain
    • Spanish language specialist, Concordia Language Villages, Minn.
    • Peace Corps Comoros
    • Peace Corps Nicaragua
    • Reporter, L.A. Times
    • Communications director, Illinois congressional candidate
    • Associate editor, World Politics Review