Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

How to File a Report

Reports related to violations of the Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy, and the Prohibited Relationships Policy can be made to any contacts listed below.

A report made to the college does not automatically prompt a formal resolution process. The college doesn’t limit the time frame for reporting. However, it’s important to keep in mind that timely reporting enables the College to provide greater options for support, investigation, and resolution, especially as it relates to crisis counseling, the preservation of evidence, and security and law enforcement responses.

  1. It's a violation of college policy to retaliate against any person named in a grievance report. In some cases, even when no fault is found in a report made to the college, the college may still pursue disciplinary action because of retaliation.

  2. If you have been the victim of a crime, you have the right to notify law enforcement authorities, including on-campus and local police. You have the right to be assisted by campus authorities in notifying law enforcement authorities. You also have the right to decline to notify the authorities.

  3. Under Ohio law, all residents of the state, except for people in positions that are given confidential status, must report felonies to law enforcement. This includes felony sexual misconduct.

    1. If you're reporting a potential felony or a crime of violence, the resources listed on this page will contact the Oberlin Police Department. The police department will contact you with resources and information about pressing charges. You may choose if and how to participate in the subsequent investigation.

    2. For information about confidential resources that are exempt from this reporting requirement, see Support Resources.

  4. Preserving evidence can help prove an incident of sexual misconduct. Do not delete electronic communication, pictures, or videos that can help prove what happened. Do not take a shower or change your clothes before you seek medical attention.

Reports Made to the College

The College strongly encourages the reporting of complaints of violations of the policies listed above to College officials.

All complaints of discrimination and harassment should be submitted in writing to the Director of the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion or one of the Deputy Title IX & Equity Coordinators listed below.

Complaints of sexual misconduct can be made by anyone who has experienced sexual misconduct or who has knowledge of an incident of sexual misconduct to any of the contacts listed below. Any employee whose role includes responsibility for the safety and security of any part of the College community must timely forward all reports to the Title IX or Deputy Title IX & Equity Coordinators by email to, in person, by mail, or by telephone, using the contact information listed below, in addition to other reporting obligations, such as direct reporting to law enforcement.

Report Now

Submit a discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct report for yourself or someone else by filing an online report now. An anonymous reporting option is available.

Report Bias, Discrimination, or Harassment
For instance: racism, sexism, or other discrimination and harassment based on a protected class.

Report Sexual Misconduct or Sexual Harassment

Reporting Contacts

Director / Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Rebecca Mosely
Director of the Office of Institutional Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion / Title IX Coordinator / Section 504 and ADA Coordinator
Bosworth Hall, Room 108
Email: or

Deputy Title IX & Equity Coordinators


Erica Rau, Philips Gym,, 440-775-8500

College of Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Hamilton, Cox 101, / 440-775-8410

Conservatory of Music

Chris Jenkins, Bibbins Hall 113F / 440-775-8200, and

Student Life

Melanie Hawkins, Stevenson Hall – Griswold Commons, / 440-775-8472

Anonymous reports of violations of the Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy may be made to the Campus Conduct Hotline 866-943-5787. The hotline is staffed by a third-party service and is available 24 hours/day and seven days a week.

Please note that the College may not be able to resolve complaints received from anonymous sources unless sufficient information is furnished to enable the College to conduct a meaningful and fair investigation. The College will, however, take whatever steps it deems appropriate in the best interests of the overall College community, consistent with the information that is available.

Members of the campus community can also seek remedies that are available under state or federal law. Additional information and assistance may be available through:

In the case of a safety or health emergency, the following resources can provide or connect you to emergency service:

Emergency Services

911 (24 hours)

Campus Safety

440-775-8911 (24 hours)

Oberlin Police Department