Contest Winners

We have three winners!

SWIM - submitted by Ella Mosher and Rosie Thale

Specific to a given situation
Willingly and actively given
Mutually understandable

GIFT - submitted by Julia Kahn

Given freely and actively
Fully understood
Time specific
“If someone doesn't give it to you, you can't just take it.”

A MUST - submitted by Avery Grace

A - Actively and freely given
Mutually Understandable
Specific to a given situation
Truthfully informed
“Consent is A MUST”

Contest Details

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Help us come up with an acronym that’s easy to remember for the four elements of consent (like BOOM! or THINK!).

When you want to have sex, it’s important to remember that consent is:

Consent is: What it means: Example:
Informed Being aware of what is actually going to happen. A discussion about safer sex (STI and/or pregnancy prevention) and/or what each partner wants to get out of the experience.
Freely and actively given Consent is given of someone’s own free will. Someone can decide to engage in sexual activity without threat of consequences.
Mutually understandable Consent is given clearly and unambiguously, so that all partners understand each other, without any doubts or uncertainty. Everyone has the same or similar understanding of sexual vocabulary and/or terms used during sexual activity.
Specific to a given situation Consenting to something in the past doesn’t imply that you’re consenting to it now. Consent is discussed at the beginning and throughout each sexual interaction, regardless or previous involvement or relationship status.

Submit your acronym to by midnight on April 23.

Anyone who submits an acronym will get a free frisbee!

Up to three winners will be selected by PRSM members and the staff of the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and will be announced on our website on April 27. This contest is open to all Oberlin students, staff, and faculty.