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Let’s Make Consent a Conversation

Let's Make Consent a Conversation

This year, the Make Consent a Conversation awareness campaign will be visible throughout campus through posters, workshops, speakers, and more. We want to encourage students  to have open discussions about practicing clear consent and about ways to feel more comfortable expressing consent. While the majority of Oberlin students tell us they’re aware of the college’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy, many also tell us they still have questions and aren’t sure how to practice clear consent.

We hope to change that.

Learn About Consent

View and print the Let's Make Consent a Conversation brochure.

This brochure has been translated into the following languages with the assistance of the Oberlin Student Senate International Student Working Group:

If you are interested in translating the brochure into a language that's not listed, please contact Wenling Li.

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Watch a Video

The third installment of the Make Consent a Conversation video series is now live. Topics in the series include:

  1. So what is consent, anyway?
  2. How do drugs and alcohol influence consent?
  3. How can power dynamics influence consent?
  4. What does saying “no” look like?

Watch now